Monday, November 29, 2010

Australia remains unsafe for Indian students

An Indian cookery student in Melbourne, who was stabbed by two anonymous men recalled the frightening night and talks about the harrowing experience.

The victim who is been in Australia for 2 years, working in South Yarra bar (in Melbourne).

After winding up work for the day, the victim on the way to railway station on Nov 5, 2008, he was knifed by two men.

He said, "the two men approached me and asked for money when I said I had none, they stabbed me in the stomach, scolded me using foul words."

"I collected some courage to ran away," he added.

The victim was admitted to hospital and doctors performed a emergency surgery on his punctured bowel after the attack. He bares 26 stitches on is stomach after that assault.

He was in hospital for 10 days and only then did he let his parents in India know what had happened.

A police official told, "It appears to be a random racial attack."


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